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Current happenings and where I'm going from here over the next couple of months.

Posted by DioShiba - March 21st, 2023

Alright so it's been a bit that I've actually posted any artwork on here, rest assured that there is a few good reasons.

The first being that, I'm still making artwork however things have been going a bit slow on that lately due to my time being divided between two jobs (Edit: as of earlier this morning I was informed that I was let go of my second job, figured I’d edit it in here and own what was originally stated when I posted this last night) and projects like Zero Hour that I've been lending my hand in. Rest assured that I am still working on my end to make artwork but chances are I won't be posting any new artwork on the portal anytime soon.

Adulting hasn't been easy and on my end I'm still trying to figure out the best way to divide my time so I'm still providing content to you guys. With that being said, there's some stuff that I need to figure out on my end in regards to work I do just so I can keep making art to begin with. That's putting aside the state of my mental health currently.

So where does that take me from here? When will I be posting more artwork again?

To answer those questions:

  • 1) I'm hoping to start posting content again sometime around late May - early June. Maybe sooner if I can get my shit sorted out by then.
  • 2) By the time I start posting artwork again you're likely going to see some projects that I've been putting on hiatus for one reason or another, some of them might actually work in favor of the time I start posting again.
  • 3) Given that, with what's going on currently in regards to real life stuff I may end up taking a step back from posting on the BBS and keep to lurking and making my posts a bit more rare. I've been putting a lot of time into that out of boredom and to be honest it hasn't been doing me a lot of favors lately. What I may do is that I'm going to start being more active in the Art, Animation, and Music portals and talk about things that don't have to do with politics or shooting shit with other users on here and actually help focus on seeing what other people are doing with their creations.

I hope that explains where I stand currently. And who knows, with any luck once I get back into the projects I've been meaning to get back into I might actually look into learning a few new programs so I don't have to rely on adobe to do everything (I'm already kind of doing that with Aseprite and Clip Studio but... hey whatever works)

Until then here are some sprites that I made of Wario in SMW style, but more so in the vein that he's a boss as opposed to a playable character like other people have been doing with him.


Until next time




Allocating time too much/little time to things is a problem I've got myself, looking forward to seeing more from ya man (also sweet spritework)

If anything making art and keeping on top of exercise has helped me in between when I'm not working either my full time or part time, but even then it doesn't change the fact that I still have to figure out what's going to be the best for a work life balance.

And it hasn't been easy because with my full time I'm working 10 hours for four days a week. Sure I get a three day weekend but what hasn't helped me personally is that the hours are odd since I'm working from 12PM to 10:30PM and that's where it's been difficult for me to keep up and there hasn't been much leeway for me to change my schedule.