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DioShiba's News

Posted by DioShiba - 1 day ago

So I think it's fair to update everyone on what's been going on my end.

As of right now I have relocated back to my hometown. To keep a long story short, financial and work stresses put me on the deep end of my mental health and it's affected me pretty negatively in the past couple of months.

That being said... You've already noticed that I'm getting myself back into the swing of things. Since I'm currently out of my job I'm doing what I can to find something to fall back on ASAP, until then I'm just doing what I can to keep myself going with my portfolio and any other projects I've been up to in the past. Same with my physical health and that's what led me to get back into martial arts for the time being.

So that's really the gist of my situation.

As for where that will take me as of right now, I'm not going to jump into any assumptions. While there is some uncertainty and stress involved in my situation in life, it's not as bad as it was while I was located in Salem.

Was awesome to live there and it was certainly an eye opener but at the end of the day, I still have to do what is going to be best for me moving forward. On the bright side of things I've been keeping up with the Stanley Cup Playoffs and getting back into watching NHL, I realize not many people who follow me might be sports fans but to be honest hockey is really the only sport I can get behind.

Currently, my hunch is that Panthers will win. I can go on about that but right now they have the most factors into being one hell of a hungry team compared to Vegas and they've gotten more rest due to Dallas pushing to a Game 6 much to the deserved credit they need. I would have preferred Boston but obviously, that's not gonna happen because of how they choked.

Finally here's a doodle that I had from 2021.


Inspired by a patron at the Norman Rockwell museum during my time working a temporary job. I actually liked talking with her back then and I hope she's doing alright. The outfit was too ingrained in my head so... It kind of was something I was able to memorize and doodle.

Well... Until next time.


Posted by DioShiba - 2 weeks ago


Yep, I'm almost ready to start uploading some new work again.

Currently I'm in the midst of moving. Salem Mass has been fun but due to the cost of living being pretty high there I'm moving back to my hometown for the time being so that will be my focus to finish wrapping that up for this week.

Once that's taken care of one of the first ones will be uploaded. Some people have already seen what I've been up to but... I'm sure it will be worth the wait for some of y'all on here in particular.


Posted by DioShiba - March 21st, 2023

Alright so it's been a bit that I've actually posted any artwork on here, rest assured that there is a few good reasons.

The first being that, I'm still making artwork however things have been going a bit slow on that lately due to my time being divided between two jobs (Edit: as of earlier this morning I was informed that I was let go of my second job, figured I’d edit it in here and own what was originally stated when I posted this last night) and projects like Zero Hour that I've been lending my hand in. Rest assured that I am still working on my end to make artwork but chances are I won't be posting any new artwork on the portal anytime soon.

Adulting hasn't been easy and on my end I'm still trying to figure out the best way to divide my time so I'm still providing content to you guys. With that being said, there's some stuff that I need to figure out on my end in regards to work I do just so I can keep making art to begin with. That's putting aside the state of my mental health currently.

So where does that take me from here? When will I be posting more artwork again?

To answer those questions:

  • 1) I'm hoping to start posting content again sometime around late May - early June. Maybe sooner if I can get my shit sorted out by then.
  • 2) By the time I start posting artwork again you're likely going to see some projects that I've been putting on hiatus for one reason or another, some of them might actually work in favor of the time I start posting again.
  • 3) Given that, with what's going on currently in regards to real life stuff I may end up taking a step back from posting on the BBS and keep to lurking and making my posts a bit more rare. I've been putting a lot of time into that out of boredom and to be honest it hasn't been doing me a lot of favors lately. What I may do is that I'm going to start being more active in the Art, Animation, and Music portals and talk about things that don't have to do with politics or shooting shit with other users on here and actually help focus on seeing what other people are doing with their creations.

I hope that explains where I stand currently. And who knows, with any luck once I get back into the projects I've been meaning to get back into I might actually look into learning a few new programs so I don't have to rely on adobe to do everything (I'm already kind of doing that with Aseprite and Clip Studio but... hey whatever works)

Until then here are some sprites that I made of Wario in SMW style, but more so in the vein that he's a boss as opposed to a playable character like other people have been doing with him.


Until next time



Posted by DioShiba - March 8th, 2023


No other context is necessary


Posted by DioShiba - December 4th, 2022

Wednesday came out on Netflix recently and that got my obsession with Addams family to come out of the grave once again. So I figure I’d take a shot at drawing them.




Posted by DioShiba - November 22nd, 2022



Posted by DioShiba - November 16th, 2022

Am I Republican enough to be a Senate Leader again?



Posted by DioShiba - November 4th, 2022


Found out from a few friends that Taylor Swift had some not so great stories that floated around about her from the locals of North Reading, PA and it turned out that she was just one egotistical woman who shoved one person into a locker and crashed parties she was never invited to just to gloat and I figured the fame didn't make her any better behind closed doors. So obviously, I went to work after that.

Then again I never liked her so this just gives me the incentive.



Posted by DioShiba - October 18th, 2022




Posted by DioShiba - September 24th, 2022

To be honest every now and then I see people who go out of their way asking other users to get followers. Obviously this is a tricky thing and while I don't have a whole lot of followers myself, it might be a little hard for me to convince people on how I feel about where getting them comes from.

However I think my opinion might give some insight based on how I've been getting people to follow me as of late. So for the newbies that might be having trouble I want to give people a bit of advice.

If people like your work or your attitude that's one way of getting them. Sure you can be an awesome animator, artist, musician, writer or whatever and that will get people to follow you if they like your work. But I would also say your behavior matters just as much if not more because playing nice matters.

As human beings however the latter may be tricky because sometimes people can get irritating. That's happened with me a couple of times with other users. However if they're giving you shit over nothing then they may not be worth your effort to be around unless they own their mistakes in that area.

Personally what I don't like is when people beg me to follow them. Seriously.

While self promotion is a good thing, on the flip side if you have to go out of your way to ask people to follow you then frankly I would question whether or not you're actually doing what you're doing because you either want clout or if you're just fixated on the numbers of people who like your work and I don't feel that's a genuine connection with others.

I don't go out of my way to do that for that reason, I just don't like being a derpy pest about these things. With that being said there are better ways to promote yourself while building an audience as much as you want that genuine connection.

What I do think is a genuine connection with others is when you interact with other fellow NGers, take part in collabs or community events, competitions, or even taking on a few requests, as long as you're not overdoing it and putting a strain on yourself, because your mental health matters and you shouldn't force yourself to make content then I would say that's probably the most effective way to build a fan-base.

You don't have to be as well known as Oney, PsychicPebbles, MeatCanyon, or any other famous online personality or artist you know of who got their start here. They got popular because they were on here long enough to build that following and expanded onto other platforms. Everyone who is well known who got their start here worked to do that and built on their success.

Maybe it's because I had an account here since 2012 and have been lurking long enough to see how things worked in the past decade even when I was busy with college or with other things that have been ongoing in my walk of life outside of the internet, and frankly being somewhat of an observer to everything on going that's how I managed to see how others did it.

At the same time, you should be doing you. Let followers come to you naturally and everything will fall into place. Might take time, but that's not a bad thing.

So that's my spheal on followers. Do good for the world, make more things, and be yo'self.